Innovation isn't a method

Everyone is creative. And also every company is creative. However, many organizations fail in bringing new ideas to reality successfully.

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The Innoversity Institute is for Executives and Non-Executives.

Developing new ideas is a task for everyone.

Innovation, creativity and agility can’t be delegated. Everone has an active role in these topics – no matter if they want to or not. Best ideas are born when circumventing the organization in a company. But who gets caught will not allways have the best chances.

The organization needs to be tailored adequately to get successful innovation on the road. To make this possible is the foremost task of one target group: the executives!


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So: no more innovation trainings?
Sure, but not only!

Successful innovation is based on 7 pillars.

New ideas can’t be found with more knowledge. The only thing that counts is experience. And this can’t be planned. So it can’t be trained either. But the more experience one collects, the more you can trust oneself in unstable and complex situations.

At the Innoversity Institute we use the 7 Pillars for Innovation to foster building up experience.

We have experience in innovation.

If we always had the right solutions to unknown challenges immediately, we wouldn’t need new ideas. But as knowledge from books and trainings doesn’t help us in complex environments, we need people with the right talents.

At the Innoversity Institute we have a team that supports other people passionately to find and boost new ideas successfully.

The Director

Tobias Theel

A keen, curious and future-oriented thinker and implementer.

The Designer

Lara Theel

A passionate designer with a particular focus on individuality.

The Host

Rebecca Emmerling

A unique feelgood manager with a sense for undiscovered wishes.

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