How to boost new ideas

The 7 Pillars for Innovation

Boosting ideas need a solid ground.

Companies have tried a lot over the years to become more innovative and therefore more successful. Too often we encounter stories from our clients that are mostly based on wrong assumptions. And this explains quickly why initiatives for innovation in the company were doomed from the start.

In order to help new ideas to be successful in companies, we have developed the 7 pillars of innovation.

The 7 Pillars for Innovation are wholistic.

Tweaking individual units, processes or people in the company has never made a company innovative. On the contrary: this creates a culture hostile to innovation.

The entire organization must be set up correctly so that new ideas can emerge, grow and become successful. With the 7 pillars of innovation, this can be easier in companies.

How are the 7 pillars of innovation introduced?

The 7 pillars cannot be introduced externally via processes and consulting projects. It is much more a question of the organization designing and building it itself in order to be able to generate innovation on its own.

The innovation supports and accompanies organizations to find and spark new ideas with the 7 pillars of innovation. We offer support in small doses up to complete transformation of the entire organization.

How quickly do the 7 pillars of innovation operate?

The impact of the 7 pillars of innovation within an organization can be experienced directly. In a first workshop, changes are initiated and reactions provoked with the first impulses.

We always observe a reaction from the participants, the non-participants and also the organization. This reaction is not always as expected by the clients. Therefore, an accompaniment over a certain period of time is always advisable in order to maintain the success of the change.

How long does it take to build the 7 pillars of innovation in the organization?

It all depends on how the organization of the company is currently structured and how stable and resistant the management structures are at the different levels of the company.

Consultants and agencies often promise that the rapid introduction of new methods such as design sprints or innovation labs will solve an innovation problem. In our experience, this rarely leads to sustainable success.

We know that innovation is a marathon. And with the help of the 7 pillars of innovation, we will prepare your organization for an innovation marathon that you will run in your individual environment. It will never stop and training is not always easy. But success will bring great satisfaction to everyone involved.

A free workshop as a starting point.

How can the 7 pillars of innovation in your company help to spark more brilliant ideas?

In order to answer this question in a first approach, the innovators offers a free workshop.

Solid skills for successful innovation.

In order for innovations to become good products and services, companies also need these skills:


Find new ideas


Boost new ideas


Not Silicon Valley or Berlin alone


Dealing with complexity


Mastering change in organizations

Our team loves new ideas.

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