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Get to know us in a 3-hour workshop on your creative, innovative and agile topic.

We want your topic and our competence to go well together. That is why we would like to get to know you and your topic better before we work together! In person and at your location. So you know what to expect with us.

Our promise: our performance in the workshop is free! You only bear the additional costs. You will also set up a team, a suitable room for the workshop and working materials – if you do not have suitable materials, we will be happy to offer you our innovation box, the content of which we will tailor to your questions.

Duration of 3 hours

Our joint workshop lasts a maximum of 3 hours. We work on a specific topic or question that is currently on your mind – for example:

  • How do we make our company more creative, innovative and agile?
  • How can we better keep up with digitalization?
  • Which idea could further advance our company?

Together with you we determine the question before the workshop and clarify everything that is necessary for a successful result.

3 to 5 participants

So that we can work well together, at least 3 and a maximum of 5 people should participate in the workshop. The best thing to do is to mix up the workshop team:

  • with experts, interested parties and hidden talents
  • with managers, employees, board members and managing directors
  • and definitely with people who feel addressed by your workshop question.

We would be happy to clarify with you in advance which people would fit well in our workshop. In any case, the right people will participate.

Free plus utilities

Our service in the workshop is free of charge for you – hand on it! You just have to make sure that the workshop can take place and bear the costs. So you take on the following expenses:

  • our travel costs to you (return trip or flight depending on the distance, accommodation costs if applicable)
  • a lump sum for us per participant that we bring with us
  • Costs for rooms, materials, technical equipment, etc.

Before the workshop, of course, we agree on what we need so that it can be a complete success for you.

Get to know us in real life.

When should your workshop take place? What could be your topic? What are your expectations

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Our team loves new ideas.

We discover wihes, develop designs, get creative, do engineering, found companies, organize and manage them if necessary – so we do exactly what good ideas need from the beginning on.

Founded in Berlin - grown in Bavaria.

A startup lives from its own dynamic and finds its balance step by step to succeed. Also the Innoversity Institute grows a bit more every single day.

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Conversations still offer the best way for exchange, despite all digital media. Of course we can talk and find out together what we can do for you.

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