You don’t become an expert in a crash course. But you get a noticeable impression of the potential and possibilities of the practically imparted methods. This way you can better decide what you should do next for the success of your new idea.


A crash course with the Innoversity Institute serves above all to inspire the participants. Because the focus is on a compact, realistic experience of methods such as design thinking, lean startup, business model canvas or agile project management.

We do not train any experts in our crash courses. Within 1 and a maximum of 2 days, the participants learn agile methods in simplified case situations and apply them in a quick run. As a rule, this does not enable them to use the mediated methods professionally in real questions. However, you will get an idea of ​​the possibilities the methods offer for real questions and the potential behind them.

A crash course is best suited for executives who do not yet have a clear idea of ​​whether they should specifically implement agile methods in their area of ​​responsibility. Crash courses are also perfect for employees and teams to get to know agile methods in a nutshell and then choose the right ones for their own new ideas.

We compile crash courses according to the individual needs of our clients. They are suitable, in several groups, for a larger number of participants. In a crash course, we limit the number of participants to 10. For more information and options of a crash course, we can arrange an individual telephone appointment to discuss further details.