An event for new ideas in the context of employee or managerial events, conferences or meetings has an immediate impact. No matter whether for small or large groups, several hundred participants or entire organizations. For a few hours or a few days.


With an event for more creativity, innovation and agility, employees and managers let new ideas run free. This way our event formats can also be integrated very well into already planned events: e.g. in management meetings, employee meetings, conferences, etc.

Creative methods, innovative approaches and agile frameworks are always viewed with skepticism. Can that even work for us? Yes it can! Always! Our events provide proof for everyone.

We enrich corporate events with our active and relaxed creativity, innovation and agility formats. Our program points start at 2 hours and can extend over several days. The participants can come from different areas and teams of the entire organization from all hierarchical levels. Even large groups with several hundred participants immediately become more creative, innovative and agile with us so that new ideas can arise.

We have already carried out these events:

  • Ideas for the development of the corporate culture with 120 participants in one day in a coworking space
  • Trial workshop on design thinking with 60 managers from the IT organization of an international company in 4 hours
  • 1-day kick-off event for an agile transformation program by a local energy supplier with 50 employees at all hierarchy levels

We don’t just make an offer, we want to work with our clients to find out what’s right for the company. For this we make a free workshop on site – for details here click.