Expeditions for C-Level Executives

When top level managers embark on our expedition, they experience the possibilities of our approaches for more creativity, innovation and agility in their own company.


Anyone who goes on an expedition does not know what to expect. The only thing that drives him or her is a great curiosity for something new. Linked to this is the hope that at the end of the expedition there will be a discovery that will open up many new opportunities for us.

This is exactly what happens on an expedition for innovation. We set off together with a group of C-level executives to find out something new that will advance our own company. We have a first idea of ​​what it could be about. But the concrete end will not be known yet. We rely on our skills and experience. In doing so, we are leading the participants to new heights.

Our expedition takes us through different stations. We are free to choose the order in which we will achieve this or whether we will only start at one of the possible destinations at any given time.

The goals of our expedition

  • So we can start with a mountain expedition. Together we climb a mountain, stay in a hut and take care of ourselves. We are inspired by the proximity to the sky and the unobstructed view of the landscape to lead our company to a new structure. Because we are discovering that it makes sense today to reposition ourselves. We discover what it takes to do this on this expedition.
  • On a sailboat in the Mediterranean we experience firsthand what effects our thoughts and insights from the mountain expedition have. We are moving into an unfamiliar environment and have to actively reorganize ourselves. We cannot always rely on our experience. In this way, we float across the sea with uncertainty and can guess what could happen to and in our company and our employees and managers if we set off on new shores.
  • So that we can prepare for a successful change in the company, we end our expedition by conquering a castle. We retreat again for a short time to put the change in our company on the right track.
  • Finally, we will put our findings from the expedition into practice with a kick-off for a program in our company.

One of our expeditions is also suitable for top-level managers to come up with new ideas and changes in the company. Ideally, the entire top management team takes part in the expedition. Approximately 3 days should be scheduled for each goal. When we combine expedition content, the total number of days is reduced compared to the individual trips.

To learn more about the expedition and to discuss possible details, it is best to arrange a free phone call right away: click here and make an appointment.