Learning Journey

A learning journey offers the travel group the opportunity to get to know inspiring places and environments for more creativity, innovation and agility. Of course, the usual suspects of Berlin and Silicon Valley are suitable destinations for our trips. But other places also provide inspiration for your own company.



On a learning journey, the participants gain insights into other companies, different ways of working, different forms of organization and different working environments. Thus, they serve above all as inspiration to go different ways in the future and try out new things in order to arrive at successful new ideas and business models.

A learning journey takes us to the hotspots of creativity, innovation and agility. We visit various companies, working groups and organizations that are known for a desired specialization topic and are successfully active on the market. This can of course go to Berlin or Silicon Valley. We may visit a software manufacturer, a beverage developer, a creative research center, or a group of co-workers in an inspiring loft. Depending on what makes sense for the goals of the trip.

Of course, our learning journeys should have noticeable and sustainable effects for change. So we don’t just want to travel and visit. At the end of a trip, and even during a learning journey, we always offer opportunities to turn the experience gained into actionable new ideas for your own company. These can be implemented immediately. A first step is thus made simple and effective, so that the trip also had a tangible and tangible benefit.

A learning journey is not a standard product, but is individually put together by us with our clients. The individual elements depend on the target group and the desired specialization topics. For a first impression we can talk about it in a free telephone appointment: just click here to make an appointment now.