Online Conference

Not in the mood for a face-to-face event? An online conference offers the greatest flexibility to learn more about new opportunities for more creativity, innovation and agility. Very easy and comfortable on the screen.


With our online conference, we offer an opportunity to learn about the potential and goals of methods and projects for more creativity, innovation and agility. We design the conference differently depending on the objectives.

In an online conference we can simulation, a crash course or a speech virtually. The participants follow the conference on their own PC, laptop or Mac and actively participate in any tasks. Our conferences primarily serve to inspire and experience methods such as design thinking, lean startup or agile project management in a virtual way. Alternatively, they are a short or multi-part, virtual live training in these methods. The content can then also be made available as a recording.

Online conferences are especially suitable for people who have little time. It may also be that they are spread across different locations. They may also be a little skeptical about the new topics that are to be conveyed. Because our conference extremely reduces the administrative effort. We don’t need any space, no numerous helpers, no tons of materials. Everything is available online and extremely flexible. This also keeps the costs for the project within limits.

Technically we can hold our conferences for small and large groups with several hundred participants. They are suitable for both managers and employees without a management function. We coordinate the contents of an online conference individually. As a first step, we can make a free phone appointment to discuss more: just click here.