Online courses impart knowledge with the greatest possible flexibility for learners. The online courses of innovation cover all 7 pillars of innovation and enable holistic creativity, innovation and agility.


The online courses at the Innoversity Institute offer learning content on the 7 pillars of innovation for more creativity, innovation and agility. Every online course is structured in such a way that the content can also be enjoyed in small bites. This makes learning possible in between.

Here are some examples of the topics of our online courses:

  • Find and spark ideas with Design Thinking
  • Organize innovation with agile project management
  • Organize tasks and calendars with Getting Things Done
  • Achieve better results with agile self-management
  • Meaningful work environment with purpose development

Learners get access to our online community where they can learn and interact with other innovators. You can network in your own groups and work together on specific topics. All online courses are also available on your own smartphone via our app. This makes learning possible on the way to work or at home in the subway, bus and train.

We would also be happy to individualize an online course for your own company.

An overview of all publicly available online courses is in our web shop of the Innovation Box: click here.