A program enables employees and managers to work together to make their own company more creative, innovative and agile. The individual components of the program are selected according to the specific needs of the organization.


Only when the entire organization tackles can initiatives for more creativity, innovation and agility really be successful and sustainable. To this end, the Innoversity Institute supports and accompanies companies in carrying out a program for new ideas in the entire organization or in some areas.

For a program to work, everyone involved needs a certain amount of perseverance. Because design sprints are modern and to a certain extent also successful, but they have no lasting or transforming effect. That is why we build our program on innovation marathons to keep organizations permanently fit so that new ideas can emerge, grow and persist.

Everyone in the company is responsible for a program to succeed:

  • Management Board / Management / Supervisory Board: They create the framework and the willingness of the organization to enable change for more creativity, innovation and agility and actively participate in the events. We want to support these clients and sponsors in a targeted manner, and enable them to have a meaningful perspective in the VUCA environment, e.g. with our exclusive expedition for C-level executives.
  • Managers: You will learn about leadership in a completely new context. With the help of self-organization and agile methods, the managers actively shape their company together with top-level management and employees. The needs of customers and the market are being brought to the fore. New ideas are discovered and can grow.
  • Teams / employees: Everyone in the company gets to know a new way of working and adding value, which quickly and sustainably leads to visible and tangible results. New ideas are actively designed and implemented by the employees. Together with managers and top-level management, they transform the company’s added value and enable a new, sustainable perspective for economic success in the future of the organization.

Our programs consist of various elements in theory and practice, with learning, experience and inspiration, digital and analog for large and small groups and individuals at all hierarchical levels of the company. Several hundred participants or even the entire company can participate.

Which program design is right for your own company? We’ll find out together: in a free workshop on site – click here for details.