A simulation gives the participants a short, focused flash on an agile method such as design thinking, agile project management or lean startup. Using a realistic practical example, concrete results can be produced in a short time with a simplified methodical process.

The focus of a simulation is the experience of the method. Although this is generated under simplified and generalized conditions, the essential core features of the method used remain. This gives the participants exactly what they need to grasp the essence of the method. However, simulations are not sufficient for an independent, practical application of the method in everyday work or in your own company. But they are well suited to provoke more desire for further deepening.

Simulations can be easily and effectively embedded in other events, e.g. in management conferences, employee workshops, company meetings, etc. We can offer our simulations for both small and large groups with several hundred participants. You should schedule at least 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours.