Our CEO Tobias Theel regularly gives lectures on everything that needs ideas from the first brainstorm to a successful business model. He is a professional speaker, self-employed entrepreneur, former executive officer in a DAX group and former founding member of an innovation laboratory. In this way, he can tell a few anecdotes, report success stories and pipe criminals – of course always with a positive view of successful approaches, so that new ideas can still be successful.


Tobias Theel has had several adventures in various international positions in companies. As a management trainee and executive officer of a DAX executive board, he received an exclusive view of organization and management. This gave him insights into processes and decisions in companies that not everyone knows.

And he also experienced a lot privately, because moving on average every 2 years and changing from an employed position to self-employment as a young family man is like a roller coaster ride.

He reports about his adventures and experiences as a speaker. In his lectures, he lets his audience look excitedly and humorously at issues of company management and his own life.

There are aliens in management, ideas can be ignited and innovation only works in the right environment. Tobias’s topics are at the cutting edge because they move people and organizations. As a speaker, he shares his experiences and experiences. He speaks in companies and at events on various topics that fascinate him and about his personal adventures:

  • Aliens in management
  • Boost your idea
  • Free space for your idea
  • Being on the board is just awesome

More about Tobias Theel as speaker is on his personal homepage: click here.