In a workshop, the right people come together for a certain topic and for a certain time to look for new ideas. It is best to start with the implementation in practice.


Workshops are a proven way to find new solutions to a burning question with the help of certain tools and methods.

It often makes sense to design, carry out and follow up the workshop with the support of an experienced person. The mere application of a method according to a given scheme or the use of a tool in the wrong way means that the great potential that all participants bring with them is wasted. The question remains whether the support should come from outside? In our opinion: yes. Because looking and observing from the outside gives the participants the opportunity to integrate an otherwise unattainable perspective into the workshop.

We organize our workshops for up to 10 participants over up to 5 days. Larger workshops are conceivable, but they often require more external support. Of course, we also offer workshop series for larger target groups over a longer period.