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For our main topics we offer online courses that teach methods and tools. This allows individual participants or even groups and teams to learn more about creation, innovation, digitization, agility, and transformation. Individual courses cover, for example, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile Project Management.

The online courses are a great way to get closer to each topic. We recommend to combine them with personal facilitation (in small or large groups) or individual coaching.

Just for a few hours or for several months

Sometimes a short speech is enough. Often a workshop helps. And our support becomes sustainable with programs.

We offer different formats of different duration – depending on what is appropriate for the current situation and the desired results.

For individuals or for the whole organizations

We are happy to work with individuals and small groups. Our specialty is innovation events with several hundred participants.

It all depends on how intensive and sustainable our support should be over time with our clients – even when we are no longer on site.

An offline topic or a whole digital world

Finding, developing, implementing ideas – offline or digitally? We support from start to finish on all channels.

New ideas are not for the moment. They require continuous commitment and good care – both spontaneously and planned. We have comprehensive solutions for this.

This is our offer for successful innovation.

This is what our customers say

Each year numerous innovators and organizations trust our competence in finding and developing new and innovative ideas.

"In addition to the online course, coaching helped me a lot to solve my questions. I could reach my coach easily via email, chat, and WhatsApp. This way I could get an answer quickly to solve the problems that occured during the Design Thining process."

Teilnehmer eines Onlinekurses

"The event was very motivation. It is like surfing on a new wave and also getting new ideas for working in a completely different way! This way I can do more for our company, our customers, and my team and also learn from others to develop myself further. Thanks a lot for this experience!"

Teilnehmerin eines 3-tägigen Innovations-Workshops in einem Unternehmen

"Being able to use new methods is one thing - standing the change is something completely different. I am happy that I kept going and that we adapted our ways of working so that we can solve our challenges better in the future."

Teilnehmer eines Personalentwicklungsprogramms in einem Unternehmen

"The videos in the online course motivated me and my team to proceed in the Design Thinking process and to keep an eye on everyhing that we need for this. The online coaching and facilitation sessions via Skype solved our questions quickly."

Teilnehmer eines Onlinekurses

Our team loves new ideas.

We discover wihes, develop designs, get creative, do engineering, found companies, organize and manage them if necessary – so we do exactly what good ideas need from the beginning on.

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