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Tobias Theel

Our CEO is a passionate, curious, and future-oriented thinker and maker. Having the opportunity to create innovative results with the potential for sustainable implementation he is highly motivated. Finding new ideas, detailing them out, and implementing them are amongst his main tasks when supporting our clients.

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Lara Theel
Lara is our Chief Design Office. She s a designer who acquired her skills in London. Clients, users, and their needs are the most important focus variables in her work. This is how she creates the most important prerequisites for new ideas: knowing who to design a new idea for and why.

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Rebecca Emmerling
Rebecca is our Chief Hospitality Officer. She has a great talen for sensing customer needs. As a flight attendant she can anticipated any wish just by looking at people. She designs, conceptualizes, and plans our workshops in a unique way. In the end we don't only get good ideas out of them but also very happy clients.

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Luis Theel
Luis manages our technology section and communication on our website so that all our tipps and tricks find their way to our target groups. Social Media and Wordpress are his most important tools to bring your ideas forward.

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